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01/16/2018 - admin


Tommy Tee is the drummer and backing vocalist for The Dirty WhiteBoys Florida. Influenced by rock drum legends, such as John Bonham, Alex Van Halen and Mike Bordin, his style shows the inspiration he received from these drummers with a hard hitting groove that takes you back in time.

Tommy Tee began playing music before he reached the age of 10. First starting with piano and saxophone, however it was his discovery of the drums which led him to a lifelong passion with the skins. Playing in multiple bands in high school, it wasn’t until he moved to the Midwest, while serving in the US Army, where he began a more serious musical path. This culminated with his gig playing in a local favorite band called “Racer Ace”.  A hair metal band which had a strong following. Moving back to the east coast to his home state of New Jersey, he pursued other instruments including bass and guitar. However, it is the drums which have always been his instrument of choice.

Following a respite, to start a family and a move to Florida, Tommy has once again gone back to doing what he loves. Playing and recording music. Tommy was a co-founder of the band Point Well Taken, which played local clubs on the west coast of Florida from 2010 thru 2013. Next, he played drums for The Suburban Legendz from 2015-2020. Tommy has now found a home playing the music he loves with The Dirty White Boys Florida.

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